2019 (edição de autor)

"distingue de outras mais parametradas nos contextos português e internacional, o que é uma mais-valia quando verificamos que até nesta área se instalou um “mainstream”." 
Rui Eduardo

 "With Vestiges, the music suggests multiple possibilities, none of which requires a single leader directing affairs. ...  With this trio, the possibilities are endless."
MARK CORROTO in all about jazz 

2018 PortaJazz

Elbow is the report of two cases of two cases of jealousy and discord: among three men. slaves brought from Brazil to Portugal in the nineteenth century; and between a man and a woman raised in the royal palace. The theme is from the past, but the form is from the present. The report is made by an actress and four musicians, through loose notes. Nuno Trocado invited Jorge Louraço to write and Catarina Lacerda to perform, and led a quartet with Tom Ward, Sérgio Tavares and Acácio Salero. The show, a cross between text and music, was the result of a collaboration between the six during an artistic residency in the context of the 2017 edition of the Guimarães Jazz Festival. Cotovelo é o relato de dois casos de de dois casos de ciúmes e discórdia: entre três homens. escravos trazidos do Brasil para Portugal, no século xix; e entre um homem e uma mulher, criados no palácio real. O tema é do passado, mas a forma é no presente. O relato ºe feito por uma actriz e quatro músicos, através de notas soltas. Nuno Trocado convidou Jorge Louraço para escrever e Catarina Lacerda para actuar, e liderou um quarteto com Tom Ward, Sérgio Tavares e Acácio Salero. O espetáculo, de cruzamento entre texto e músic, foi o resultado de uma colaboração entre os seis durante uma residência artística no âmbito da edição de 2017 do Festival de Jazz de Guimarães.


2016 (creative sources)

The descriptive exercise of sound and musical experimentation is overwhelmed by the deficiencies of memory, encyclopedic attempt to reveal powers… most of the time nullifies all the expression on which it focuses… the performative exercise is a limbo where memory is played. forgetfulness, latency and its unexpected absence… and in silence, in the unspoken, sometimes the unspeakable happens… the experience of the phenomenon (s). Phantom Trio's music is an action space, a sonic lab, so let's try it…

2016 (WJ productions)

ARS TRIO was born in 2009 when pianist Renato Diz and bassist Sérgio Tavares realized that their deep musical connection had to be complimented by a third member, Jorge Queijo. From there an organic sonicbirth took place.Despite their apparent traditional orchestration, ARS Trio has a very distinctive sound and approach to music making. Heavily based on improvisation and experimentation (like prepared piano, bass extended techniques and various non-drumming percussion toys) this project values collective texture over individual virtuosity. Moved by their common love for cinema "Poetics of Sight" is their debut album, an improvised homage to the world of images that provoke, unsettle and make us dream. Each work is an unrepeatable event where the audience is invited to embark on a journey of unexpected colors and surreal landscapes from a movie yet to be made.


In Puzzletone, Fábio, Sérgio, João and Ricardo work together in the realms of composition, interpretation, improvisation and sound. While choosing to remain faithful to the acoustic instruments, this group excels in being as genuine and intense as possible in every musical gesture, both individually and as a collective of different personalities. Created, studied, developed, the music comes out in a variety of colors and shapes, from complex atmospheres to simple movements, always aiming at providing a rich sonic experience in a journey of discovery.